Denver City Council District 6

Paul Kashmann

On the ballot via petition


Amount Raised (loans excluded):  $41,616

Number of Contributions:  242

Average Contribution: $171.97

In-State Individual Contributions:  86.36%

Non-individuals:  $2,350

Anonymous:  $0

Loans: $0

Self-funded (loans excluded): $0

% Self-funded (loans included):  0%

% from individuals (anonymous excluded):  94.35%

Special Interest Contributions

$150 -- Sales Oil (Auto Repair)

$100.00 -- Bonnie Brae Travel

$100.00 -- Bonnie Brae Travel

$1000 -- SEIU Local 105 Small Donor COM

$1000 -- CSCEW Small Donor

Endorsers of The Democracy For The People Act (2E)


 All figures are from funds raised January 1, 2016 - April 14, 2018

Data drawn from Denver Elections Division

 Note: Due to a reporting peculiarity for Denver elections, our figures for the percentage of contributions that come from in-state does not include non-individual contributions as in-state contributions. So if a candidate is taking contributions from corporations and political action committees (PACs), those contributions are not figured as in-state. As a result, we are adjusting that data point and referring to it as "In-State Individual Contributions" when candidates have non-individual contributions in their reports.   

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