Denver City Council District 6

Paul Kashmann


Amount Raised (loans excluded):  $29,727.00

Number of Contributions:  173

In-State Individual Contributions:  93.16%

Non-individuals:  $400

Anonymous:  $0

Loans: $0

Self-funded (loans excluded): $0

% Self-funded (loans included):  0%

% from individuals (anonymous excluded):  98.65%

Special Interest Contributions

$150 -- Sales Oil (Auto Repair)

Note: There is a Denver Elections Division error regarding Paul Kashmann's January campaign finance report, and we are waiting for the error to be fixed to update this page.

Endorsers of The Democracy For The People Act (2E)



All figures are from funds raised January 1, 2016- December 31, 2018

Data drawn from Denver Elections Division

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