Colorado Candidates for Statewide Office

Funds Raised from January 1 - December 31, 2017

This is a list of every candidate running for statewide office in Colorado who has reported raising funds in 2017.  On this page, candidates are listed in order of the percent of their funds that come from individuals, i.e., natural persons, as opposed to special interest donations from Political Action Committees (PACs), Small Donor Committees (SDCs), Leadership Funds, or corporations.  For a fuller detail of where each candidate's money iscoming from, including a list of all special interest donors, click the candidate's name below or use the menu to the right to go to the page for their race.

Candidate, District, % from individuals (anonymous excluded)

Greg Lopez  Governor  100%

Gabriel McArthur  Secretary of State  100%

Bernard Douthit  State Treasurer  100%

Brett Barkey  State Treasurer  100%

Phillio Villard  Secretary of Statre  100%

Charles Scheiber  State Treasurer  100%

Brian Watson  State Treasurer  100%

Brita Horn  State Treasurer  99.98%

Walker Stapleton  Governor  99.98%

Amy Padden  Attorney General  99.79%

Mike Johnston  Governor  99.32%

Lew Gaiter  Governor  99.26%

Tom Tancredo  Governor  99.23%

Stephen Barlock  Governor  99.16%

Jared Polis  Governor  98.95%

Phil Weiser  Attorney General  98.49%

Noel Ginsburg  Governor  98.43%

Wayne Williams  Secretary of State  98.08%

Cary Kennedy  Governor  97.83%

Donna Lynne  Governor  97.55%

Brad Levin  Attorney General  94.44%

Joe Salazar  Attorney General  92.26%

Jenna Griswold  Secretary of State  89.79%

Michael Dougherty  Attorney General  89.10%

Victor Mitchell  Governor  88.42%

Dave Young  State Treasurer  99.42%

Justin Everett  State Treasurer  98.20%

Polly Lawrence  State Treasurer  85.73%

Cynthia Coffman  Governor  85.23%

Kevin Lundberg  State Treasurer  74.11%

Steve Lebsock  State Treasurer  49.09%

George Brauchler  Attorney General  45.04%

Kathleen Cunningham  Governor  9.09%

Campaign Financy Analysis, Statewide Races

Please click the statewide race you're interested in below  to see all the candidates who have filed to run for statewide office in a given race.and learn where their campaign contributions are coming from.

At CleanSlateNow Action, our mission is, in part, to rid politics of the corrupting influence of special interest money, so candidates who take 100% of their money from individuals -- as opposed to taking Political Action Committee (PAC), Small Donor Committee (SDC), corporate, and other special interest money -- would seem to be aligned with our values.  Please recognize candidates who take the courageous and challenging step of turning down special interest money and encourage them to keep prioritizing the public interest.


Secretary of State

State Treasurer

Attorney General

Please click here for links to all candidates for the state legislature running in Denver districts.


All figures are from funds raised January 1, 2017- December. 31, 2017

Data drawn from Colorado Secretary of State.