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Co-Sponsors of The Democracy for the People Initiative

Thanks to everyone who signed up as a co-sponsor in our initial push!  If you'd like to add you name, please click here.

Co-Sponsors (through 7.8.17)

Robert Almazan

James Amory

Eleanor Anderson-Miles

John Andreula

Mel Apodaca

Susan Aposhyan

Sharon Baker

Nick Barcott

Raymond Bartlett

Nancy Beadle

Jane Beattie

Elaine Becker

Becky Becky Wharton

Frank Belcastro

Karen Berger

Lisa Beth

Jon Biggerstaff

Frances Blair

Jesse Boeckermann

Mary A Borchers

Patricia Borri

Vic Bostock

Omar Boumali

Jonathan Boyne

Robert Burk

Chris Byknish

Andrea Cain

Toni Caldwell Clark

Carmen Casis

Doug Cecere

Guy Chavez

Jarrett Cloud

Eleanor Collins

Dave Combs

Sharon Conn

Trina Cooper

John Cooper

Bruce Coston

Karen Cowen

Shelley Dahlgren, PhD

Larry Daniell

Scott Davis

Paul Day-Lucore

Carol Devoss

Mary Ann Dimand

Cleo Dioletis

Geoff Dolman

John Doss

Kathleen Doyle

Carolyn Dreeszen

Frank Driscoll

Samuel Durkin

Mark Earnest

Joshua Evans

Jim Ferrimani

Emma Fields

Sheilah Fish

Robert Fladger

Michael Fox

Frances Frain Aguirre

Matthew Franck

Richard Frichette

Elizabeth Fryman

Robert Gabriel

Ben Garcia

Otheniel Garcia

Tara Gartanutti

Aaron Goldhamer

Judith Gore

Lyn Gullette

Roxanne Guthmann

Janice hallman

Gretchen Hammond

Rick Hamrick

Edward Hanson

Bruce hanson

David Harris

John Leroy Harris

Chris Harrison

Juliette Hidahl

Larry Holman

Celeste Howard

Gary Hull

Sue Hurwitz

Erik Hvoslef

Jill Hyman

Joe Jacks

JoLynn Jarboe

Cindy Jensen

Colin Jones

Elena Kanina

Thomas Keller

Brian Kelly

Gordon Kieft

Daniel Klein

Joanne Kondratieff

Lisa La Fave

Candace LaPorte

Erik LaRue

Doug Laub

Ellen Lewis

Nigel Lim

Jeanne & Vern Long

Leland Long

Karen and William Lozow Cleary

Douglas Lyon

Ricj Lyons

Debra MacKillop

Linda Mahan

Marvin Makinen

Nancy and W. Berkeley Mann Jr

Gail Marcus

David Margolis

Eugene Mariani

Carolyn Massey

Josh Maynard

Monty McIntosh

Larry McLaughlin

Colleen McMahon

Susan McMillan

Richard Medlock

Mark Mehringer

Jim Melton

Harold Adolph Meyer, Jr

Patricia Michaels

Jared Miller

Dave Mills

Audrey Minick

Carol Ann Minor

Terri Monley

Dianna Moore

France Morrow

Lauren Murdock

Gladys Murphy

R Nath

Meredith Needham

Marie Nelson

Laura Newton

Judith Niemann

Frank Noble

Robert Oberdorf

Lenny Obolsky

Ed O'Brien

Denise O'Dell

Chris O'Hara

Kata Orndorff

Mary Oster

Ed Parks

Richard Passoth

Owen Perkins

Patricia Perkins

Susan Petra

Joseph Pluta

JoAnne Poole

Shirley Powell

Jinger Pulkrabek

Saphira Rain

Sandy Reavey

Terri Resley

Marie Robison

Sara Romero

Jennifer Ruth

Joe Salazar

Corey Schade

Matt Scherr

Ronald Schlesinger

Judy Schwartz

Tracy Scott

Ljubica Sefer-Stefancic

William Semple

Jerry Sharman

Sharon Sharon Baker

Nina Shope

Robin Shuten

Phyllis Simon

Angela Smith

Benita Smith

Diane Smith

The Honorable Tiffany Snyder - Mayor of Ward, Colorado (4-terms, now ret.)

Donald Solomon

John S. Sonin

Libby Sosa

Jon Spitz

Douglas Spurlin

Marilyn Standley

Michael Stella

David Stetler

Karen Stimson

Bruce Stotts

P. Sturm

Ann Sullivan

Linda Szymoniak

Jorge J Tamargo

John Tarin

Kirk Taylor

Michael Tomczyszyn

Tim Towns

Aaron Ucko

Robert Vandervennet

R Vanstrien

Robert Veralli

John vickery

Harold Watson

Matt Weatherford

Elyette Weinstein

Beulah White

Randi Wickliff

Steve Winkler

Janet W


We need to get this going for ALL people - The rich should not be the only ones to have access to healthcare - No more profit on others misfortunes.

Gerrymandering is crippling our nation, preventing many people from voting... We need to be able to vote for the representative of our choice... not stalled by the sidelines by unfair practices.

Persist and show your grit.

Stop the insanity.

Money in Politics is the root cause of corruption.  It prevents citizens from controling their government.

To Be Free Range, One Must Flee The Farm.

I'm in California, but so with you.

We must elect officials that will protect the rights of its citizens and be able to work across the aisle to achieve our goals. We must reform or replace the Republican and Democrats hardline deadlocks. We must also start with clean bills. We must also end Secret votes, going Nuclear to get a bill thru that is not the will of the people.

I support a fair election system that works for all the people of Denver.

As a longtime supporter of Ken Gordon, I'm signing up as a tribute to him. While I live in North Carolina now, my home will always be Denver. I miss Ken and Denver!

The Denver City Council has been taken over by members who were put into office by a small group of development oriented businessmen and lawyers.  If we had fairer limits on campaign contributions the average citizen would have a better chance of winning election.  Our City Council should not be bought and paid for by wealthy individuals with agendas that only serve their own selfish interests.

We must deconstruct the kleptocratic oligarchic plutocracy that has replaced our democratic republic and hold accountable all those responsible.

Yes, and oh, yes please!

This is one of our country's biggest problems. If Denver can do this, maybe the rest of the country will follow.  Go, Denver, go!!!

We must have fair and transparent elections which include every citizen's vote! Thank you for helping to make this possible!

Like most American citizens I emphatically agree with limiting special interests spending on elections!

Democracy necessitates participation. When we all show up, we win.

"The more  you can do for your city the more you do for everyone.

Thank you"

Let's protect democracy in Denver!

Glad to hear Ken is still breathing...if only breathing fire. 

Enough is enough!  Let's put take back our democracy from the special interests!

I've been a strong supporter of public financing of elections...and want my (bordering) state of Iowa to do what you are proposing!  Your success will help us!

This is what we need.  I hope my state follows you.

I support fair elections and getting money out of elections!

100% behind you!

Regular people need representation in our governments!  Enough with the Koch Brothers and their kind dominating our government.

I live in Aurora.  I absolutely support this effort.

Add your name as a co-sponsor!

Please join the citizen co-sponsors in showing your support for The Democracy for the People Initiative by clicking here.

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