Resolution Endorsing The Democracy for the People Initiative


Democratic Party of Denver Resolution to Endorse The Democracy for the People Initiative, 1.27.18

WHEREAS, The Platform of The Democratic Party of Denver, Section 4 (Democracy), states that: 

Constitutional civil, political, and religious rights belong to humans not to corporations. We believe that voting is a basic democratic right and call for campaign finance reform to restrict the role of large donations. 

“1. We believe that voting is a basic right and oppose any measures that decrease or inhibit access to voting and support extending voting rights by measures such as extensive early voting, mail-in ballots, same day registration, automatic voter registration, and making Election Day a national holiday. 

“2. We believe that rights recognized under the U.S. Constitution belong to human beings only, and that money is not protected speech. Corporations do not have Constitutional rights, but only those legal rights and responsibilities given to them by statute. We support legislation and/or constitutional amendments to reverse the effects of Citizens United and related cases. 

“3. We support public funding of political campaigns. 

“4. We support full disclosure of donors for all political issue spending and support tightening legislation and regulations to restrict political spending by 501(c) (4) and other tax-exempt organizations. 

“5. We advocate the inclusion of American government and civics in K-12 curriculum.” 


And WHEREAS The Democracy for the People Initiative on the 2018 Denver ballot supports those values by introducing the following reforms in Denver municipal campaign finance laws: 

  • Requiring the disclosure of dark money in electioneering  
  • Banning corporations from making direct contributions to campaigns 
  • Lowering Denver’s high campaign contribution limits to be more in keeping with the statewide contribution limits 
  • Providing matching funds for small-dollar donors contributing $50 or less to candidates who choose to turn down special interest money, thereby elevating the voice of everyday voters and limiting the corrupting influence of special interest money; 

 And WHEREAS communities including states, counties, and municipalities all over the country have seen higher voter turnout and greater participation from minority communities in elections and campaigns when reforms including a publicly financed campaign component are implemented; 

And WHEREAS implementing The Democracy For the People Initiative in Denver would take local elections back from the big money and special interests that have dominated campaign spending in recent cycles, 

BE IT THEREFORE RESOLVED that we, The Central Committee of The Democratic Party of Denver endorse a “YES” vote on The Democracy For The People Initiative on the November 6, 2018 ballot.