Denver Candidates for State Legislature

Funds Raised in 2017 (through 9.30.17)

Funds Raised in 2017 by Legislative District

Funds Raised in 2017 by Legislative District

 This is a list of every candidate running for or holding a seat in the Colorado state legislature for districts that include Denver.  On this page, candidates are listed in order of the percent of their funds that come from individuals, i.e., natural persons, as opposed to special interest donations from Political Action Committees (PACs), Small Donor Committees (SDCs), Leadership Funds, or corporations.  For a fuller detail of where each candidate's money iscoming from, including a list of all special interest donors, click the candidate's name below or use the menu to the right to go to the page for their district.

Candidate, District, % from individuals (anonymous excluded)

Lois Court (incumbent) SD31 100%

Alan Kennedy-Schaffer SD34 100%

Gabriel Thorn HD5 100%

William Britt HD4 100%

Nicky Yollick HD5 100%

Lance Wright SD32 100%

Louis   Irwin HD5   100%

Jonah Weiss SD34  100%

Milo Schwab SD34  100%

Jennifer Calderone SD34 100%

Julia Gonzales SD34 99.52%

Meghan Nutting  HD5  99.21%

Risa White SD32 99.09%

Amy Beattie HD4 98.73%

Hazel Gibson SD32 98.55%

Robert Rodriguez SD32 98.14%

Peter Smith SD32 97.27% 

Michael Kiley HD4 96.91%

Serena Gonzales-Gutierrez HD4 96.85%

Zach Neumann SD32 96.40%

Alex Valdez HD5 91.58%

Timothy Neville (incumbent) SD16 85.63%

Tammy Story SD16 83.68%

Chris Hansen (incumbent)   HD6 78.34%

Dan Pabon (termed-out) HD4 71.98%

Leslie Herod (incumbent) HD8 70.59%

Paul Rosenthal (incumbent) HD9 63.46%

Alec Garnett (incumbent) HD2 57.66%

James Coleman (incumbent) HD7 28.76%

Susan Lontine (incumbent) HD1 18.75%

Crisanta Duran (termed out) HD5 7.69%

Angela Williams (incumbent) SD33 0.62%

Lucia Guzman (termed-out) SD34 0.00%

Matthew Nadel HD4 (has not reported raising money yet)

Irene Aguilar (termed-out) SD32 (has not reported raising money yet)

Joel Judd  HD5  (has not filed a report yet)

Funds Raised in 2017 by Legislative District

Funds Raised in 2017 by Legislative District

Funds Raised in 2017 by Legislative District

 Please click the House or Senate District below to see all the candidates who have filed to run for the state legislature in a given district and see where their campaign contributions are coming from.'

At CleanSlateNow Action, our mission is, in part, to rid politics of the corrupting influence of special interest money, so candidates who take 100% of their money from individuals -- as opposed to taking Political Action Committee (PAC), Small Donor Committee (SDC), corporate, and other special interest money -- would seem to be aligned with our values.  Please recognize candidates who take the courageous and challenging step of turning down special interest money and encourage them to keep prioritizing the public interest.

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 All figures are from funds raised January 1, 2017- December. 31, 2017

Data drawn from Colorado Secretary of State.