Ken Gordon: Swimming with Sharks

When founder Senator Ken Gordon ran for Secretary of State 11 years ago, he went to enormous lengths -- and depths -- to illustrate his point about running independent of the special interests.  If you didn't get the chance to support Ken as a candidate, perhaps his perilous state in this video will move you to support the advocacy group he founded to continue the work of getting big money out of politics.

...and the 30-second spot it turned into

Here's the final product of Ken's "Swimming with the Sharks" adventure -- a 30-second video that's hard to resist.  This is what clean campaigns produce!

Ken Gordon: Humor and Politics

If you're looking for Ken's impersonation of Senator Ben Nighthorse Campbell riding a motercycle, Senator Ken Salzar and Congresswoman Pat Schroeder donning cowboy hats and riding horses or Governor John Hickenlooper jumping out of an airplane, you've come to the right place!  Perhaps this video proves the point that Ken was too funny to be Secretary of State.

Ken Gordon Speaking About CleanSlateNow

This short speech from Ken Gordon at a rally at the Colorado State Capitol lays out the values at the foundation of CleanSlateNow --a grassroots movement to elect candidates who don't take special interest money, who run honest and respectful campaigns, and who denounce third parties who do dishonest and disrespectful activities on the candidate's behalf.

Robert Reich's Big Picture: Get Big Money Out of Politics

"Nothing we need to do as a nation is possible unless we limit the political power of the moneyed interests," Rober Reich says in this culminating video of his 12-part series addressing critical steps to take to make our nation's economy work for the many, not the few.  Disclosure of dark money, publicly financed elections, and overturning Citizens United are covered vividly and clearly -- in less than three minutes!

Corruption is Legal in America

Ever wonder how a bill becomes law?  Do you still believe what you learned on School House Rock? Our friends at Represent Us put out this updated tutorial on what it takes to pass a bill into law. 

(Hint: 90% of us ain't got enough of it.)

The Government By The People Act

One of the great champions for campaign finance reform, Congressman John Sarbanes, explains his bill, The Government By The People Act .  CleanSlateNow Action is an endorser of the proposed legilslation, which serves as a model for The Democracy for The People Act.