Candidates Committed To Turning Down Special Interst Money

PAC-Free Committed Candidates

We issued our 2018 Candidate Survey on February 2, 2018.  Responses started coming back to us within hours of opening the survey.

The following candidates have shared their commitment to run their campaigns with no special interest money.  Our reporting and analysis confirms that these candidates are only accpeting funds from individuals.

Statewide Offices

Phillip Villard, Colorado Secretary of State

Congressman Jared Polis, Colorado Governor

Senator Mike Johnston, Colorado Governor

Congressional Races

David Sedbrook, U.S. Congress, Colorado's 1st Congressional District

Congressman Ro Khanna, U.S. Congress, California's 17th Congressional District

Congressman John Sarbanes, U.S. Congress, Marlyand's 3rd Congressional District

State Legislative Races

Nicky Yollick, Colorado House District 5

Luke Bray, Colorado House District 26

Julia Varnell-Sarjeant, Colorado Senate District 30

Peter Smith, Colorado Senate District 32

Our Reports on Candidates' Fundraising Sources

We've run close to 100 reports on candidates running for office in 2018, documenting exactly where their money comes from and which special interests they're beholden to (if any).  Look under our "Reports" tab on the menu at the top of the page to go to a particular race.  

PAC-Free Candidates -- Ask Them To Commit!

These additional candidates have reported raising money for their campaigns and have not reported accepting any special interest money, through the campaign financing reporting period ending 12.31.17.  To our knowledge, they have not committed to turning down special interest money, but they're on the right track.  Please encourage them to commit to running their campaigns without taking any special interest contributions.


Greg Lopez,  Colorado Governor

Gabriel McArthur, Colorado Secretary of State

Bernard Douthit,  Colorado State Treasurer

Brett Barkey, Colorado State Treasurer 

Charles Scheiber,  Colorado State Treasurer

Brian Watson,  Colorado State Treasurer

Brita Horn,  Colorado State Treasurer

Walker Stapleton, Colorado Governor

Lew Gaiter, Colorado Governor

Stephen Barlock, Colorado Governor

Phil Weiser, Colorado Attorney General

Brad Levin, Colorado Attorney General

Noel Ginsburg, Colorado Governor 

Wayne Williams, Colorado Secretary of State

Congressman Francis Rooney, U.S. Congress, Florida's 19th Congressional District 


Lois Court , Colorado Senate District 31

Alan Kennedy-Schaffer, Colorado Senate District 34

Gabriel Thorn, Colorado House District 5

William Britt  Colorado House District 4

Lance Wright, Colorado Senate District 32

Louis   Irwin, Colorado House District 5

Jonah Weiss,Colorado Senate District 34

Milo Schwab,Colorado Senate District 34

Michael Kiley, Colorado House District 4

Risa White, Colorado Senate District 32




For Candidates -- Download Our 2018 Candidate Survey

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